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How to Deal with the Irrational, Dysfunctional, Distorted Thinking and Behavior of Someone who is Making your Life --- A Hell On Earth!



Is someone making your life a Hell on Earth? If you haven't already checked my manual, "Coping With The Disorder," at, now is the time to do it. You can arm yourself with the strategies and techniques that work for taking care of yourself, fending off the Irrational behavior of others and keeping yourself on the calm track. So, you have been hit with the unwelcome, overwhelming surprise attack of someone else's disordered behavior and thinking. Perhaps, you have erroneously believed that you could be immune from such unfortunate instances. I am here to tell you that no one is immune to such occurrences and that it probably happens to everyone in the course of life. You are no exception. So, you better get ready to learn how to cope with the unfortunate and sometimes painful thinking and behavior of someone who is affecting your life. The following is a list of possible strategies for turning your situation into a winner's triumph.










Without hesitation, send in your stories and examples of how you turned a very difficult situation into a positive outcome. With your permission, we will be glad to publish them, in order to help our readers. Email them to me at




Send in your examples where you felt you had successfully resisted a provocation to enter into someone else's disordered world. Send them to me at



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